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E-Gitarre Rechteckig
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Gretsch G 6238

E-Gitarre Koffer
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Gibson Les Paul Tribute Prototype P90 Goldtop

Serialnumber: 1983B

aus dem Jahre 2009

Topzustand. Inklusive Zertifikat und Original Case.


Occasionspreis CHF 3'900.00

Hier sind ein paar Infos zur Gitarre:

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 1952
Die LP wurde gemäss Angaben im Internet nur 564 mal gebaut. 6 Gitarren für jedes Jahr der Les Paul gelebt hat – von 1915 bis 2009 (6x94). Die Seriennummer ist von Hand nummeriert, beginnend mit 1915 A, 1915 B… etc. «Meine ist 1983 B. Die Serie wurde in 2009 gebaut, kurz nach dem Tod von Les Paul. Die ist also eine sehr spezielle Les Paul Version.

Hier eine Produktbeschreibung:


- Based on the original 1952 Les Paul Model.

- Trapeze tailpiece to matche Les Paul's Patent

- 6 guitars made for each year Les's lived

- All actual 1952 LP's were listed as prototypes, these will be stamped prototypes too.

- Authentic P-90 pickups

- Gold top nitro-cellulose finish, natural mahogany back and neck

- Engraved Tribute truss rod cover

- Certificate of Authenticity included The passing of the incomparable Les Paul in August 2009 broke the hearts of guitar enthusiasts around the world. What can never be broken, though, is the legacy of innovation and creativity that he built during 94 years of constant musicianship. Though the original guitar he designed in 1952 has informed every Gibson guitar since, our engineers were inspired anew to handcraft a guitar just the way Les demanded it nearly 60 years ago. Never before has a Les Paul guitar been so completely designed to Les? original specifications. Until now. Anchored by a golden mahogany body, maple top and rosewood fingerboard, the Les Paul Tribute 1952 is equipped with an all-new bridge that?s an exact replica of Les? original 1952 patent. Our luthiers have also added historical interest with details like stamping ?prototype? into the back of the peg head and staying true to Les? preference for P-90 pickups. The Les Paul Tribute 1952 honors the most important figure in all of guitar history and the guitar he designed and loved. Body Species Each Les Paul Tribute 1952 is topped with a two-piece maple top that fits snugly onto a two-piece mahogany body. Top and body are bonded together with ultra-strong Franklin Titebond 50 glue. This wood combination yields not only a gorgeous exterior but also a specific yet versatile tone that many guitarists have come to demand. Grade This Les Paul?s maple top is Grade C and its mahogany body is Grade A. Design The gleaming gold finish of the Les Paul Tribute 1952 is complemented with stunning antique...

Noch eine zweite Beschreibung aus dem Internet:

Take a look at this. This is the Gibson Les Paul Tribute and it’s a, well, it’s a tribute to, erm, Les Paul.

This is based on the original 1952 Les Paul. As you can see, it even has a trapeze tailpiece (although it’s strung over rather than the incorrect under method). The tailpiece is apparently corrected to match Les’s own patent.

It’s loaded with P-90’s and has a nitrocellulose gold-top on mahogany back and neck.

It’s a strictly limited run with only 564 guitars being made – six instruments for every year of Les Paul’s life from 1915 to 2009) and each will be hand-numbered with reference to these years. For example, 1915 A, 1915 B, etc.

Für Fotos und weitere Angaben siehe die Gibson Homepage.


Johannes Eberle Kontrabass 3/4

Johannes Eberle Kontrabass 3/4

Made in Germany

mit Tonabnehmern

inkl. Tasche und Ständer


Occasion CHF 2'025.00

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Joe Barden Pickup in Bridge Position

SN: N9394696

inkl. Gigbag

Occasion CHF 1'290.00

Gibson Les Paul Special P-90

Gibson Les Paul Special P-90

Farbe: Natural Walnut
Jahrgang: 2000
Fingerboard: Palisander


Occasionspreis CHF 990.00 inkl. Bag

Epiphone Firebird

Epiphone Firebird

EMG Pickups + Steinberger Tremolo

Verkaufspreis CHF 980.00

Blade DD-1

Gitarre kaufen

Blade DD-1

Occasion 1 Jahr


Listenpreis CHF 1295.00 / Occasionspreis 950.00 inkl. Bag

Fender Precision Bass "Mark Hoppus" - VERKAUFT


- Korpus: Esche
- Halsform: modern "C"
- Griffbrettradius: 9.5" (24.1 cm)
- Griffbrett: Palisander
- Halsmaterial: Ahorn
- Elektronik: Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pound Reverse Split-Coil


Occasion CHF 720.00 inkl. Gig Bag

Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster - VERKAUFT

Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster - VERKAUFT

American Vintage - Baujahr 1988 - Made in U.S.A.


Wunderbar erhaltene '57er American Vintage Reissue Strat aus 1988 (Corona, Californien, USA) in sehr seltenem "Fiesta Red".
Mit originalem Fender Tweed Koffer.


Farbe: Fiesta Red (Nitrolack)

Griffbrett: Ahorn


Preis CHF 2'500.00